Engine Chip Tuning

Professional Engine Chip Tuning

Aftermarket performance enhancing engine management chips have been around for a number of years. It is only in the past few years that the performance and functionality of these chips has been radically improved to boost engine performance and parameters like fuel efficiency safely and allow the driver to have even greater control over the performance of the motor vehicle. Today’s engine chip tuning devices are a great deal more versatile than those which existed only a few years ago.

An engine chip tuning professional can improve almost every aspect of a cars performance by taking advantage of the link between the aftermarket chip (such as Dastek’s Unichip) when it is paired with the factory engine management system In fact to call the Unichip a chip is to underestimate its functionality as a computer, which combined with the original engine management system creates a supercomputer, capable of immense and exact control of the various functions of the motor vehicle.

Engine chip tuning can increase the top speed of the motor vehicle or even its turbo performance. It is also capable of increasing the speed at which the rev limiter kicks in. Using engine chip tuning and the services of a tuning professional the owner of a motor vehicle can also improve such driving characteristics such as fuel consumption, all the while balancing the various outputs so as to ensure that the performance of the motor vehicle is optimised for various driving conditions.

The more advanced chips take engine chip tuning to a whole new level. They allow the driver of the vehicle to instruct the tuning professional as to what driving characteristics they would prefer in certain situations. These can be programmed in to the chip and each of the specific settings can be selected by the driver, depending on conditions.

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