Chip Tuning

What Is Chip Tuning?

You must have heard about chip tuning but do you know exactly what happens to your car when you take it in for chip tuning?  The scary truth is that you do not always know what you get and careless chip tuning can damage your engine.  That why it is so important to only have your car's chip tuning performed by recognised professionals that have a long history in tuning and manufacture their own top-quality aftermarket piggyback computer chips for both local and international distribution.

An engine normally leaves the factory tuned for economy and emissions and rarely to achieve the best possible power output.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with economy tuning, but if you want maximum power, you should get everything the engine can offer under full-throttle circumstances, which is not always true of standard engine management settings.  The other big problem with factory tuning is that a standard program is used to tune the engine management systems of the entire engine leaving the production line.  This saves a lot of time and money, but while all the settings may be the same, all the engines are not, and this is what chip tuning attempts to address.

There are always small differences in manufacturing tolerances and characteristics of individual engines, with the result that no two engines leave the factory in an identical state.  Ideally, each engine's engine management should be tuned to work perfectly for that specific engine.  While this is not possible in mass production, it is possible in aftermarket chip tuning.  You can now get your engine's fuel injection system optimised to offer you an economy-minded setting when cruising and maximum power when you put your foot down.

However, remember that chip tuning should be done by the professionals, so you can maintain your engine's reliability too, so contact us today and get the best of both worlds.

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