Chip Tuning Remapping

Achieve the Ideal Blend of Power and Economy with Intelligent Chip Tuning and Remapping

Chip tuning, remapping and custom tuning are phrases that are bandied about by many so-called tuners, but often it is the motoring public who is none the wiser as to what these terms are supposed to mean.  “Chipping” your car has become all the rage, but are the benefits not often more perceived than real, and this often because of the chipping establishment in question?  Absolutely, and this is precisely why we can present you our services with confidence: we have worked tirelessly for decades to perfect our tuning products and services and the result has been an international company of excellent esteem and reputation.

Vehicle Tuning Defined

To understand why chip tuning and remapping may be necessary, we need to understand just how vehicle tuning works in mass-produced modern cars.  chip tuningManufacturing specifications for car engines are very precise and the tolerances prescribed in the production of engine blocks, pistons, valves and all the other mechanical components are usually expressed in thousands of a millimetre.  The finer the tolerances, the more expensive and time-consuming it becomes to manufacture said parts and most manufactures have a maximum limit they are prepared to go to.  It follows that all engines are not perfectly identical and mechanical engineers accept that there are always small differences in manufacturing tolerances between “identical” engines.  Vehicle tuning should therefore vary to suit the specific engine.

Identical Factory ECU Settings

We have been chip tuning and remapping engines for years, because although manufacturers can not quite get their engines identical, they do a fine job of getting their electronic engine management settings identical and apply these to all engines of a certain type that leave the production line.  By fitting a piggyback computer chip non-invasively to subtly modify your ECU settings, we can finally give your car that set of “customised” calibrations that can unleash some extra power and often improve your fuel economy as well.

What is Chip Tuning and Remapping?

How do we do this?  By modifying all these computer-controlled systems' settings:

  • fuel injection regime
  • mixture strength
  • spark timing
  • engine speed
  • variable intake manifold tuning (if fitted)
  • variable valve timing control (if fitted)
  • turbocharger boost (if fitted)

By optimising all these systems' electronic control mappings, we can often achieve a sizeable power increase, but we always endeavour to find a happy balance and maintain your reliability levels too.

Different Mappings Available

We succeed in providing the best of both worlds by offering several customisable mappings; here are some examples:

  • An economy mapping optimises fuel consumption and is invoked by part-throttle cruising.
  • A mapping favouring maximum power is invoked at full throttle.
  • Racing mappings are available, optimising power and performance over economy for competitive motor racing, but reverting to “street” settings for normal use.
  • Protection mappings can be included that limit factors like engine revolutions and turbo boost pressure, for when you leave your car with a dealership.

When you use our piggyback chip, all these chip tuning and remapping options are available.

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