Let the Car Tuning Specialists Enhance Your Vehicles Performance and Fuel Economy

Despite what you think you might know about your car and its performance abilities, there is a lot of room for improvement. At Unichip we are car tuning specialists who are skilled and experienced in the art of performance chip tuning for optimum performance and better fuel economy. If you think you are already getting the most out of your vehicle, think again! At Unichip we would love to show you what your vehicle can do for you by adjusting the various engine settings via our piggy back chip.

This chip is installed in your vehicle and the engine’s ECU is left in place. This means that you can remove the chip at any time and enjoy its original settings. When installed, the chip can be set to ensure that you get the most power out of the engine and that the vehicle uses its fuel more efficiently. Of course we are professionals at Unichip, so there are none of the risks involved which you will undoubtedly be faced with if you choose to turn to a “backyard” business.  

A chip controls critical functions of your vehicle so it is best not to mess around with its settings. A professional in the field will be able to advise you on the capacity of your engine and the best results to expect. Every car is different and so the chip tuning results vary. However, with our assistance you will avoid the potential issues of overheating or detonation.

All supplied chips come with a limited guarantee on the components, but you will find that most are designed to be both durable and reliable to ensure that you do not run into problems along the way. Once set, you can expect your chip to service you indefinitely. Once the chip is installed you should book regular service check-ups just to ensure that it is still working effectively and that your engine and its settings are in a healthy state.

A Unichip performance chip will allow you to have the car setup for different scenarios such as driving around town, long distance trips and so on. This means that you can fully customise your car’s settings according to your daily travel requirements and demands. At Unichip we can use our specialised equipment to test the actual performance abilities of your vehicle and then set about ensuring that you can benefit from these setting adjustments.

The Unichip performance chip has a very impressive success rate with only one out of every 399 chips installed being removed. If you aren’t entirely sure how the product works and would like a more in depth presentation of it, we welcome you to be in touch with our sales representatives who would be delighted to assist you.

Our team at Unichip encourages you to contact us regarding your vehicle’s performance. We are car tuning specialists who have your driving enjoyment and needs as a top priority. Be in touch with us at your earliest convenience and prepare to benefit from greater power and reduced fuel consumption after installation.

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