Install Performance Parts in Your Vehicle and Benefit with Increased Power and Lower Fuel Usage

There are a variety of reasons why it is a good idea to install performance parts in your vehicle. If you are driving a popular brand of vehicle, you will probably be aware of your fuel consumption and have been seeking out ways in which to cut back on this. Installing a performance chip in your vehicle will not magically make your vehicle use less fuel, a lot also has to do with the way in which your drive your vehicle. By combining good driving skills and a performance chip, you really can reap the benefits of such a device.

What exactly can a device of this kind do for your vehicle? For starters, you can expect your engine to have a better power output. In addition to this, your fuel consumption will be reduced and you can expect overall improved vehicle speed. While everyone is clamouring to have their vehicle fitted with this type of device, it is important to realise that a professional technician should handle the actual installation if you want your vehicle’s warranty to remain intact and if you do not want to risk potential damage to your vehicle’s engine.

At Unichip, we offer to supply and professionally install the Unichip car performance chip. We understand that the engine capacity of each make and model of vehicle is different, and our technicians will ensure that your device is installed properly and the correct settings implemented. It is important to check with the dealership where you purchased your vehicle if the installation of the device is approved for your vehicle and if it will affect your warranty, before going ahead with any enhancements and modifications to your vehicle.

Once installed, we will advise you on how to drive the vehicle for optimal fuel consumption savings and how to achieve the best speed and power from your vehicle’s engine when required. The device installed comes, of course, with a warranty that is backed by the original distributor and manufacturer, which you can check at any time by calling them directly and quoting the unique serial number on the device.

Unichip has dealerships located all across South Africa and globally. If you are looking to have a performance device fitted to your vehicle, simply browse through the list of reputable and registered dealerships made available on our website. We also encourage all potential and existing clients to feel free to contact us at any time via email or telephone when they are looking for more information and advice on our product range and services.

If you are looking to install performance parts in your vehicle, waste no more time shopping around. We have precisely what you need at Unichip. Take the time to get in touch with one of our friendly and professional sales consultants; they will provide you with all the required product information pertaining to the specific device required for your make and model of vehicle. At Unichip, we allow the efficiency and benefits of our products to speak for themselves – order your Unichip performance device today.

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