Chipping Your Car

Chipping Your Car To Extract More Performance

Chipping your car may be risky business if not performed by qualified professionals.  Going overboard with factors like ignition advance, compression ratio and other factors may cause a dangerous high-revolution knock that cannot be heard and may burn a hole into the piston-top.  It is easy enough to notice detonation when it happens at low engine speeds, but the deadly high-revolution knock can kill an engine.  Clearly, chipping your car has to take into account many variables and only a balanced approach will yield optimal results.  Be wary of spectacular power gain claims by merely chipping your car, especially if it is naturally aspirated.

Of course, sizeable power gains may be obtained by chipping your car if it is aspirated by a supercharger or turbocharger, but there is a limit as to what can be achieved safely and reliably, without putting your engine's health on the line.  Careless chipping can raise the electronically limited boost pressure of a turbo engine to very high values, extracting a lot of power and potentially putting the life of the turbine at risk, especially at altitude where a turbo has to spin to higher revolutions before the wastegate opens.

A far better solution would be to use an advanced piggyback chip designed and manufactured by known experts with a top record of accomplishment when chipping your car.  Such a chip would have several mappings for different driving conditions.  Aggressive fuelling and boost regimes may be employed only under full-throttle conditions, putting performance and power delivery before economy.  However, it is essential that the engine management setting would revert to conservative, economy-minded mappings when you are driving on part-throttle or merely cruising.

Ask for advice at the top tuners in South Africa when chipping your car.  Do not take chances with the reliability of your engine and get the best of both worlds today.  For more information on chipping your car, please contact us.

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