Chip Performance

Enhancing Chip Performance With Engine Mapping

Unless you are a car mechanic and have experience with engines, it is recommended to leave the mapping of your engine to the professionals to increase chip performance. Vehicle tuning and engine mapping will improve the chip performance in your vehicle but incorrect programming can lead to a range of issues arising. Some car owners who have attempted to re-program their chip performance on their own have even ended up with a car that will not start. You need to know what you are doing before you start messing around with the chip performance in your vehicle.

The computer in your car will only do as it is told and a professional will have the best techniques to enhance chip performance. The computer controls every component of the engine from how it functions to how much power is distributed and at which time. Programming chip performance allows the professional to maximise the use of some components and minimise the power to other components. This programming needs to be carefully managed to ensure that each engine part is receiving the optimal amount of power to increase the chip performance.

This type of programming can improve the running of the engine under certain driving conditions. For example, the mapping of chip performance for a vehicle driving in traffic will be very different to the programming for a vehicle on the open road. Some performance chips will give you access to more than one type of engine mapping so that you can change the chip performance according to your driving conditions. Chip performance also affects the fuel economy of a vehicle depending on how the chip and computer has been programmed to enhance performance.

Make sure that you get professional assistance for the computer programming and engine mapping in your vehicle to enhance the chip performance simply contacting us.

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