South African Motorsport

South African Motorsport Has A Loyal Following

South African motorsport is alive and well and has survived all the political and economic hardships that had befallen it over the years.  South Africans are motoring enthusiasts by heart and have never stopped supporting their racing drivers.  In fact, South African motorsport has produced world-class racing drivers like Sarel van der Merwe, Hannes Grobler, Tony Viana and Geniel de Viliers, to name only a handful.  Many of these legends are still active in international and South African motorsport circles and Geniel in particular has made a name for himself in recent years for its superb performance in the gruelling Dakar.

There are many formulas in South African motorsport, ranging from near-standard production car racing on tarmac to tough, multi-stage rally events in the countryside.  Every type of motorsport places unique demands on both people and machinery and meeting these challenges to emerge victorious in a race is what it is all about.  It is easy enough to extract top performance from a racing engine, but the art lies in making it all work together reliably to bring you to the end of the stage or race intact and without mechanical breakdowns.

Circuit racing in South African motorsport usually takes place at well-known circuits like Killarney, Kyalami or Zwartkops.  The latter two are in Gauteng and racing in the thin air at altitude on a hot day have been the undoing of many a racing car.  Normally aspirated engines lose at least 17 percent of their power in Gauteng and cooling is less efficient in the rarefied air.  Turbocharged cars' turbos have to spin at higher revolutions to maintain their power too, placing heavier demands on the turbocharging system.

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