Engine Fuel Consumption

Reducing Engine Fuel Consumption

In these days of belt tightening and ever increasing fuel prices motorists are always looking for ways to make their motor vehicles more economical. This is especially true when the motor vehicle in question in a high performance piece of equipment or a 4x4. Many motorists are turning to engine and performance enhancing chips to reduce engine fuel consumption. These performance chips act in conjunction with the factory fitted computer to form what is in essence a super computer, dedicated to optimising a wide variety of engine performance parameters. The newer performance chips can feature up to five or more user selected settings which affect the performance of the motor vehicle.

A number of these settings will have the effect of reducing engine fuel consumption. The chip can be programmed to perform a variety of different tasks, many of which will improve the baseline performance of the motor vehicle. fuel consumptionImprovements can include increasing the rev count at takeoff, increasing the governed speed of the motor vehicle or removing the effects of engine governing, improving timing and injector characteristics and even affecting the handling characteristics and braking characteristics of the motor vehicle. The chips are easily fitted by qualified auto tuning specialists who can change the user preferences at any time. The fitment of these chips requires advanced specialist equipment and so is best left to experts.

The settings of the high performance chip can also be altered so that reducing engine fuel consumption becomes a priority for longer trips. The chip can also use another setting to optimise economy under light load conditions such as those experienced by many drivers who are exposed to the stop start traffic patterns of city driving. The fitting of a piggyback performance chip, enhancing the function of the factory fitted ECU is one of the most cost effective ways to improve performance in a number of areas and has been recognised by tuners as one of the safest ways to optimise the driving experience.

If the driver wishes to preserve the manufacturers guarantee on their motor vehicles it is advisable to contact the manufacturer prior to the fitting of the performance chip. Many manufacturers are comfortable with the fitment of high quality performance chips due to the fact that they are designed not to affect the safety of the motor vehicle and are fitted by qualified tuning specialists who are aware of the driving characteristics of the make and model of the vehicle that they will be working on. Always be sure to use an accredited tuning professional in order to both ensure the safety of the vehicle and the optimum performance of the chip that is being fitted. An accredited tuner will offer guarantees regarding the functionality of the chip and the workmanship required to fit each unit.

If you are interested in optimising the performance of your motor vehicle then always choose an accredited tuning professional, by doing this you will ensure that you can reduce engine fuel consumption and improve overall performance. If you would like to know more, simply contact us.

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