Fuel Economy

Improving The Fuel Economy In A Powerful Vehicle

The price of petrol is once again set to rise and affecting the pockets of many South African car owners. Government has recommended using public transport and employing lift sharing schemes to minimise the impact of the ever increasing fuel prices. This is however just not an option for individuals who do not buy their cars purely to get them from point A to B but invest in a vehicle to give them driving pleasure. There are a number of ways in which car lovers and enthusiasts can improve the fuel economy of their vehicles so that they can spend more time on the road and less money on fuel.

The simplest way to improve fuel economy is to just drive slower. Putting your foot flat on the petrol pedal will chew fuel quicker than driving slower. But show me a car enthusiast who wants to drive slowly and minimise their take off speed from robots or stops streets. Having a car chip inserted in the engine of the vehicle performance. This means you will be getting more power output and speed from your engine by applying less pressure to the petrol pedal in your car. Engine chipping is also designed to improve fuel economy in other ways.

The other components of your vehicle are also important to fuel economy. Fitting narrower tyres and ensuring the air pressure is correct creates less friction on the road surface allowing you to draw more power from your engine and saving fuel. Make sure that you have an exhaust system that maximises the airflow through the engine. Installing a larger air filter in the engine will improve the performance resulting in better fuel economy while still ensuring that you can enjoy driving the car that you love.

You don’t have to buy a small compact car or hybrid for better fuel economy and can simply contact us to find out more ways in which you can lower the fuel consumption of your more powerful vehicle.

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