Improve Car Fuel Economy

Engine Tuning To Improve Car Fuel Economy

One of the best ways to improve car fuel economy is to fine tune the engine of your vehicle.  Fine tuning the engine of your car is aimed at improving the performance of the engine. Improving the performance means that you can get the greatest amount of power from the engine while using less fuel to drive the engine. The engine can, however, be tuned in two ways; to maximise the power output or to improve car fuel economy. Even when the car is tuned to maximise the speed you can achieve, you will still be using less fuel than you normally would to reach the same pace. Tuning your engine to the opposite end of the scale where less power is used by the engine will further improve car fuel economy.

The type of tyres that you have fitted to your car can also improve fuel economy. A narrower tyre or low resistance tyre reduces the drag and therefore the amount of fuel required to power the engine to move the car. Aerodynamic kits, deck lid spoilers and other air foils can increase the drag on your car and negatively impact the fuel economy. These attachments are designed to increase the handling capabilities of a car and will not improve car fuel economy.

The gear ratio of your car can also play an important part in increasing the performance of your vehicle as well as improve car fuel economy. Make sure that the gear box and transmission in your vehicle are suitable for the engine in your car as well as your driving conditions. But most of all ensure that your vehicle is serviced regularly and well maintained to improve car fuel economy.

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