Achieve Better Fuel Consumption with Professional Chip Tuning

If you use your vehicle every day and cringe every time there is a fuel price increase, then perhaps it is time to consider your options when it comes to improving your vehicle’s performance and fuel consumption.  At Unichip, we can ensure you better fuel consumption with chip tuning. If you are interested in using less fuel while experiencing better overall vehicle performance, then you have come to the right place...with the installation of a Unichip you can expect to benefit a great deal!

It is important to remember that each vehicle is different and thus will have a different response to the installation of a chip. Once the chip is installed, one of our technicians will alter your engine settings with pinpoint accuracy. This means that your engine settings will be improved without causing damage to it. Before you go ahead with the installation, it is best to check with the manufacturer if it will affect the warranty or not. Most vehicle manufacturers allow it, but it is always best to be sure before going ahead with any vehicle modifications.

Modern vehicles are manufactured with a built-in computer, which is used to control the settings of the engine. All vehicle engines have a max capacity setting that should not be exceeded and your tuner should be familiar with these settings. At Unichip, when we tune your vehicle for better performance and reduced fuel consumption, we will never exceed the max capacity of the engine. When your vehicle is in our care, we will ensure that we work precisely according to recommended procedures and settings, and while you will experience great benefits of improved vehicle performance and greater power, you will not suffer any damage to your vehicle. Those who want to return the engine to the original settings, only need to remove the chip. There will be no permanent changes of modifications to your vehicle.

Unichip has been presenting top quality and reliable vehicle performance products to the market for quite some time. Our attention to detail and dedication to catering to the needs and requirements of our clients shines through in each successful sale and fitment.

Of course, the way you drive your vehicle is important if you wish to really enjoy all the benefits the chip has to offer. This is why it is best to acquire the professional advice and guidance of one of our team members. We will ensure that all of your needs and requirements are met and that you are presented with a product that is exceptional with affordable rates attached.

At Unichip, we want nothing more than to help you to achieve better fuel consumption with chip tuning. We encourage you to take the time to discuss your needs and requirements with us and we will present you with some viable options to consider. Remember that your vehicle will differ from someone else’s and we will need to find out more about your car make and model before we are able to accurately advise you.

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