Engine Performance

Enhanced Engine Performance

If you own a performance vehicle chances are extremely good that you’ll want to get the most out of the engine management system in terms of performance, as well as fuel consumption. One of the ways to ensure your motor vehicle performs at the top end of its specifications is to fit an aftermarket engine performance enhancing chip. One of the most advanced of these chips available on the market today is manufactured by Dastek, one of the most respected names in the manufacture of engine performance enhancing hardware and software.

The Dastek engine performance enhancing chip is the result of 15 years worth of research into engine enhancement. Calling this piece of equipment a chip is a bit of a misnomer, it is in actual fact a fully functional computer that adds functionality to the existing engine management computer in order to optimise the performance of the motor vehicle. In effect it turns an ordinary engine management computer into a supercomputer.

 By adding the engine performance enhancing Unichip to the existing engine management system the professional tuner can ensure that the motor vehicle performance optimally at all rev settings and delivers maximum safe power at full throttle. Adding to the attractiveness of the Unichip is the fact that the user can select from 5 pre-programmed settings that are set up by the tuning professional. The possibilities are almost endless. If the driver wants to take part in track meets then they can request that the boost power (in cars with a turbo) be increased in one setting, while another setting will further limit revs, reducing top speed. This is especially useful if the car is to be used by drivers other than the owner.

The issue of fuel consumption is also addressed by fitting the Unichip as an engine performance control mechanism. The chip can be programmed for long haul trips for instance, leading to significant savings by the driver.

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