Engine Performance Parts

Various Choices For Engine Performance Parts

If your high performance motor vehicle is your pride and joy then you’re going to want to get the best out of it in terms of performance. There are a variety of aftermarket engine performance parts that can be fitted to enhance performance, safely and efficiently.

One of the easiest ways to improve performance is through the fitment of an aftermarket engine performance enhancement chip. These chips such as the Dastek Unichip add to the functionality of the existing engine management computer making it easier for the tuning professional to get the most out of the motor vehicles engine.

The tuning professional can improve both top speed, as well as fuel economy, with the more advanced chips allowing the driver to inform the tuning professional about up to 5 pre-programmed settings that he or she can select at will. Once the performance enhancing chip has been fitted there are other engine performance parts that can be fitted to further enhance control over engine function and other parts that have been fitted as aftermarket options.

One of these parts is the Nitrous Driver which allows the aftermarket chip to control with extreme precision any Nitrous Oxide injection system that may have been fitted to the motor vehicle. For added performance the Unichip engine management system can be boosted through the fitment of the X-Driver unit which allows for better control of the injectors of the engine, control of this function allows the driver to significantly improve performance of the motor vehicle. These aftermarket units are available for both petrol and diesel vehicles.

There are also devices that raise the levels of the rev limiter and other units which can boost the performance of aftermarket turbo units. If you want to get the best out a performance vehicle then consult a professional about these engine performance parts.

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