Chip Tuning

Your Chip Tuning Professional Should Provide You With World-Class Engine Chip Tuning Expertise

Sometimes, chip tuning is not everything it is cracked up to be and you end up spending too much money at an establishment that performs a poor job.  Yes, you may get that expected performance gain, but you may not realise what it had cost you in terms of money, reliability and fuel consumption before it is too late.  If you think that sounds dramatic, think again, because a badly developed chip or poorly programmed chip mappings may destroy your engine.  Detonation is just one example and if it happens at high engine speeds, it is inaudible and may burn a hole into a piston.

Engine Chip Tuning to Benefit Performance

Engine chip tuning may benefit performance and since most modern cars are set up for optimum economy, it is usually not too difficult to extract some extra power by meddling in the settings of the:

  • ECU (electronic control unit)
  • variable valve timing control unit
  • turbo boost controller (if a turbocharger is fitted)
  • spark timing
  • fuel injection regime

However, it should never be about power above all else, because power is worth little without control and if you forfeit reliability in the process, you may end up paying a lot to put things right again.  Your engine chip tuning should strive to achieve gains without reducing reliability.

After-market Car Tuning Improves on Standard ECU Settings

A piggyback chip is an example of after-market car tuning device and it acts on electronic signals from the above-mentioned list of engine components under a car's bonnet.  By manipulating mixture strength, valve and spark timing and turbo boost (if applicable), significant power gains can be made, because most car engines are not set up to deliver maximum power in the factory.  This is because of two reasons:

  • Economy takes precedence to make fuel consumption figures as attractive as possible.
  • Standardised, conservative ECU mappings are used on all engines to save costs, because it would be expensive to optimise electronic mapping for each engine.

Chip Tuning to Achieve the Best of Both Worlds

Professionals using well-developed piggyback chips can achieve the best of both and improve your performance while optimising your fuel economy.  This is possible by utilising different mappings for different circumstances and programming each mapping individually; in this way, it is possible to have several engines in one.  When you are doing town driving or cruising around on a light throttle, the economy map will automatically be selected to run the engine as economically as possible.  However, as soon as you put your foot down for maximum acceleration, the more aggressive power mapping is selected for maximum power.

Additional mappings can be programmed, depending on your vehicle and your requirements and to this end, a track setting is possible with all parameters optimised for racing on a track with no consideration given to economy.  On the other end of the scale, a “dealership” mapping is also possible, limiting engine speed and turbo boost when leaving your car with a dealership.  All of this is possible with our professional chip tuning.

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