Car Chip Tuning

Performance or Eco Car Chip Tuning?

Car chip tuning involves the modification of a car’s computerised system to deliver a specific result. In most instances a car’s chip is tuned to deliver more power during driving. But, as people are becoming more environmentally conscious and as fuel prices soar, eco tuning is gaining in popularity.

Before we examine eco and performance car chip tuning, let’s take a deeper look at what it means to tune a car’s chip.

Generally there are three types of tuning:

  1. Also known as ‘modification’, the oldest type of tuning didn’t have anything to do with chips. It simply meant physically manipulating engine parts to produce a better result.

  2. Pre-OBD II tuning is common under vehicle models that were the first to have an electronic control unit (ECU). In this instance the chip was removed and replaced with a chip containing different computer data and parameters to enhance the vehicle’s performance.

  3. OBD II tuning is where we’re at today. Since the ECU cannot be replaced with another one, modification to this chip is done using computer or a specialised device. In this instance very specific knowledge about the car make and model is required to ensure that the new settings work in harmony with the engine.

Performance Tuning

In all vehicles there exist a very fine balance between performance and fuel consumption. Most vehicles sold today provide a mix between stability, fuel economy and performance to ensure that the vehicle ‘experience’ is perfect for the environment it is driven in. However it means that while fuel economy is high, performance is at best modest.

Performance car chip tuning tips the balance in favour of the vehicle’s on-road performance. It should be kept in mind, however, that fuel consumption will be higher as a result.

Eco Tuning

Moving in quite another direction, eco car chip tuning tips the balance in favour of fuel economy. In terms of fuel savings, you can expect to save up to one full tank a year when your vehicle’s chip has been tuned to favour fuel economy.

Now before you decide which way you want your car chip tuning to go, keep in mind that these settings may also affect the wear and tear on various parts of your vehicles. As such it is imperative to ensure that an experience tuner performs the tuning – providing you with the desired result without costing your more money than is necessary.

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