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Ways To Improve Car Performance And Fuel Economy

There are many ways in which you can go about improving your car performance. There are two specific factors that you need to look at when enhancing car performance. The first is to maximise the power output of the engine in your car. One of the ways in which you can achieve this is to have an engine chip professionally inserted in your car. These chips are available from car performance specialists and dealers. It is important to ensure that the chip you are purchasing has a good reputation for living up to its promises in maximising the BHP of your vehicle.

The second factor to look at in enhancing car performance is to consider the fuel economy of a vehicle. While inserting an engine chip will improve the fuel economy of a vehicle, this is a balancing act that needs to be carefully tuned by a professional. This basically means that the more you improve the BHP, the more fuel the car will consume to provide you with the greatest power output. The lower the power output you require the less fuel your car will require. Make sure that you advise your car performance specialist as to whether greater BHP or better fuel consumption is your priority when chipping your engine.

You can also increase fuel economy by replacing certain engine parts and other components of your vehicle. Larger air filters and reduced intake piping will increase the airflow in your engine minimising air resistance that can sap power from the engine. This makes it important to increase the outlet flow of air from the engine at the same time. A free flow exhaust system is the ideal way to maximise the air flow from your engine.

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