Choose from the Best Car Performance Parts in South Africa!

Everyone wants to get the best out of their vehicle. We want safe speed, lower revs, improved fuel consumption and a great deal more, without having to compromise on the quality and enjoyment of driving experiences. In the past, making enhancements to your vehicle may have seemed like more trouble than what it was worth, but with new and improved car performance parts in South Africa from Unichip, there is every reason to start with the changes and enhancements at your earliest convenience.

When taking a close look at our extensive range, you will find the following available to you:

  • New Unichip Devices – these are fitted to the existing engine computer and used to make a variety of improvements and enhancements to the features and limits of the system.


  • Bluetooth Modules – this is compatible with most Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Android, Blackberry, and Smartphones.
  • Rev Limiter Modules – this device is used to raise the rev limiter and enables the Unichip to raise the RPM limit too.


  • X-Driver – this device enables extra fuel to be added due to the injectors being open for longer. The Unichip enables this device to work effectively.
  • Older Versions of Unichip Devices – these come in a variety of versions and are used for timing and fuel consumption control.


  • U-Connect / Plug and Play – this is a wiring harness that enables the installation of the Unichip device without having to cut or modify the existing wiring harness of the vehicle.
  • V-tech Driver – this is a device for use with most Hondas. It is used to control the V-tech system and provide power to other devices such as shift lights.


  • Launch Controller – this device is used on vehicles that are turbocharged. It enables the turbo to boost on a stationary vehicle. It works via a switch which is connected to the clutch pedal that lowers the original rev limiter when the clutch is depressed. When the clutch is released the vehicle is able to pull away effectively with full boost.
  • I-Driver – the Intelligent Driver system is used to keep the original injector times longer and shorter. It can also raise the rev limit of a vehicle.
  • Tuning Pot – this is the communication interface used between the Unichip and the laptop used to make the various changes.


  • Map Select Switch – there are two switches available in this range; the Rotary switch and the Membrane switch. These switches enable you to change between 5 different maps that can be pre-programmed by your tuner.
  • Nitrous Driver – this driver ensures that the Unichip can control systems that manage nitrous oxide injection systems.


  • Turbo Module – boost is typically measured with this device and enables the Unichip to control extra injectors or other devices.
  • EGT Unit – the Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) unit is on that is offered as an optional extra. It is used to control safe limits typically on diesel engines. If the EGT goes beyond a safe level, the Unichip will ensure that the power is trimmed back to ensure that the vehicle is operating within a safe range.


  • Tuning Equipment – Dynamometers and Lambda meters are also offered by the Unichip manufacturers. These have various tuning features and capabilities for various types of vehicle engines.

If you are looking for the best car performance parts in South Africa, Unichip can help. We encourage you to take the time to contact us to discuss our range and how we can improve your driving experience today.

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